Why You Should Support Your Local Artists

While we idolize and glorify the top artists of the centuries, most of us forget that these artists started off just like “normal” people. They started small before they made it major. They were playing and singing for their family and friends, making videos that later would go viral, putting on shows in garages and small town (or city) nightclubs. They all had a dream that started with one main factor: belief.

They believed they could make it big. They had friends and family who believed IN them. They believed in themselves and they believed in their talent--which brings me to express how important it is that in today’s society, you have the ability to change someone’s life by simply supporting and sharing their talent.

So, without further a due, here are reasons why you should support your local artist:

Building fan base and increasing network

The more you share their music, the more likely your friends are going listen and share their music too. When you come from a close-knit town like I do, you sharing your friend’s music to your other friends just make for a whole circle of friends. Your outside friends may not personally know the artist but they can say that their friend does and that can make for mutual reasons to share their music.

Moral and Financial support

Every show you purchase a ticket for is revenue for their dreams. You’re helping support their talent, their equipment and their music. It’s amazing to see just how much confidence they have especially when they know they have a team as confident in their success as their own.

The music is relatable

When artist make little inside jokes or personal remarks in their music its cool to know exactly what they’re implying if it’s not directly said. That event that went down at the town bar or person they’re referring to makes for some bomb conversation when you’re explaining to outsiders just what the artist is talking about in verse 1 or 2.

Spreading good music

What we all classify as being “good music” is opinionated and personally preferred but there’s no harm in voicing your opinion when it comes to music.

Personal Relationships

If you’re fortunate enough, like myself to know (and be close friends with) a local artist, for obvious reasons you should support them. First and foremost because they're your friend and secondly because they’re an aspiring artist. How cool is it be able to say you know and have supported a friend's dream that is destine to come true?

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