What do you think about while you’re riding?

If I’m leading a pack, with like 25 or 30 bikes behind me, I’m thinking about how to keep the pack moving, making sure everybody stays together and stays safe. But when I’m by myself, or with just one other brother, that’s when I let my mind wander.

Riding a motorcycle isn’t as dangerous as some people think, but if you make a mistake, it’s unforgiving. If you think of the road as a jungle, the trucks are the elephants. They do whatever they want to do. Cars are like the lions, they don’t pay attention to anyone else. And then we’re the gazelles. If we’re not fast enough, the elephants and the lions will do us in. That’s why I tell people, you better have good tires and good brakes. You’ll lose a leg if you don’t pay attention.

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